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Do you know someone that exemplifies the "Go" in Gowrie? Each year the Gowrie Development Commission presents a "Go-Getter" award at the Spring Banquet celebrating the leadership, inspiration, generosity and wisdom of a professional in the community.  

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The mission of the Gowrie Development Commission (GDC), a non-profit, community-focused corporation, is to strengthen the economy and community of Gowrie, Iowa, and to serve its members. The GDC serves all current and prospective residents in the Gowrie community.


The GDC sets the pace for development in Gowrie and collaborates with others:

  • To create an environment where current businesses can thrive and where new businesses are welcome.
  • To make the Gowrie community an attractive place to live, work, shop and visit.
  • To attract patrons from other communities to come to Gowrie to conduct business and utilize our resources.
  • To expand the population base through such means as improved housing and quality of life opportunities. 


The Gowrie Development Commission sponsors many events throughout the year in order to promote Gowrie and support its citizens and businesses. Four committees are specifically designated to make improvements to the community: Housing, Image, Downtown, and Membership. For more information email


If you're interested in our meetings, we'd love you have you attend and take part in our discussions. Meetings are held the 2nd Friday of each month at Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association. Depending on schedules some meeting dates may be changed.

Go-Getter Award
Membership Benefits:

Why become a member? Although being involved is a great way to improve our community, becoming a member is an equally important way to help fund projects.  Gaining access to more resources requires greater budget requirements from the GDC.

  • Any level member can provide news to be included in the monthly email newsletter as well as provide community events for the marquee sign on Hwy 175.

  • The Gowrie Development Commission coordinates marketing efforts in many ways through the website, and social media sites on Facebook and Twitter, as well as working with various local newspapers.

  • Gold Level memberships ($300) and higher include a link to your website and advertising on the community website. 

  • Platinum Level membership ($500) and higher include two tickets to the annual spring banquet in April.

  • A free monthly newsletter is provided to anyone that signs up! Diamond Level ($1,000) members are sponsors of this newsletter.

Become a Member
GDC Board Members
Term Expires
  • Chelsey Worrel, Chelz Salon, President

  • Kathy Carlson, Security Savings Bank, Vice President

  • Janessa Simon, JK Building

  • Marsha Farnham, Farm & Town Insurance, Secretary

  • Mindy Swieter, Security Savings Bank

  • Phillip DeCastro, The Drill Barbershop

  • Gayle Streit, Streit Construction, Treasurer

    • Carrie Dalley, Appointed from City of Gowrie

    • Troy Thomas, Appointed from Gowrie Municipal Utilities

    • Kevin Black, Heartland Bank, Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance Board


  • 2024

  • 2024

  • 2023

  • 2025

  • 2024

  • 2023

  • 2025

GDC Board Members
Ribbon Cutting
Ribbon Cutting:

The Gowrie Development Commission wants to help YOU celebrate business openings and milestones with a ribbon cutting.  Ribbon cuttings are available for all Gowrie businesses - even if you are NOT a GDC member!


Reasons to celebrate with us:

  • Grand opening or re-opening

  • Anniversary or Significant milestone

  • Expanding, Relocating, or Remodel

  • Have a different reason to celebrate? Contact us!


The primary purpose of a GDC ribbon cutting is to create awareness for your business’ milestones. Ribbon cuttings are a great marketing opportunity and they are a FREE service.  Schedule a ribbon cutting by contacting a GDC board member.

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